I’d tuggle my gazing footsteps ,

For they’d stoop the screaky shower,

I’d light a rosemary township,

But I’d not charm not Athena’s entour,

If I’d ever wonder the abominous,

The wondrous ,

The mysterious laden dark and fallen sours.

I’d sing anomalies,

For prayers are warden cries,

I’d make the best besmeared

For I’d make a onerous out my empty tries ,

I’d stark a silver arrow ,

A pound into the directory of the gorgeous mirkle high,

If I’d see you tomorrow,

Would I Legit the smoky vivid Plies ?

May the Meadow Apocalyptic,

Maybe a vision travel the sea of Northern lights ,

Or I am a prisoner,

In the heathens I’d cheer

A farm to say ,

What until a better ,

A rafty single bye.

All the luminous ,

All the star scapes ,

I’d way my lasting shroud,

Would it come at rather ,

Would it ever say a dory

From up above the clouds,

” Oh dear my Lunatic ,

Oh dear my simple ,

How abominable is your silhouette ,

You’d master the abandoned ,

Your work the 7th heaven veccsitude”

– Aryan Jain


Say ?

If I fear ,

Would you paint me white ?

If I gear,

Would you travel with me the line ?

If I’d loose you ,

And I forever pry my mose,

Would your soul embark,

Would you touch me Juxtaposed ?

I wonder my heave,

The answers to what you’ve already posed,

Why did you ever single your rapzhody,

Or so , why did you ever close ?

You’ve been long gone,

But I sigh the perfect remorse,

You laid my entity to you I so perfectly bestowed,

And now you’ve travelled way far oppose,

Oh , why couldn’t be the world Up – side down ,

Why did you travel supposed ?

Do I come to travel a sea,

A far rather than the normal choas of our bay we laid in our toes,

I’d be a cosmic commuter,

But , maybe , light me your middletich course ?

I cry a puddle ,

If I sound the same old basket course,

I dry my wear ,

But I sing no mighty morse ,

I pry my epithual raining soirees,

I am left endangered , bewildered,

And may the sun would shine my scores.

You’ve lost yourself in disaster ,

About an evening perfect close ,

You spruced your wings ,

You flew away ,

And I left funding your sores.

Now you sing by a bay yard ,

The swift soul what breathes the shores,

I want to settle by your Grave yard,

And leave you roses to propose.

What one beauty ,

Who my epiphany slipped off the road.

I’d go down with you ,

All my life rather,

Even if your memories were to make me sour.

So settle in recess ,

Pray my soul adore,

You are laid in pieces ,

What onto my corridor adolls,

You are my Luna ,

You shine my heart so sold.

-Aryan Jain.

Quote day

” Aren’t chains , aren’t buildings the muster of power , 

aren’t expressions , aren’t impressions the rhythm of bowling hour ? 

So stand up , maybe , for things aren’t meant to remain sour , 

sprout your wings , say your flight ,

you may sing your enamour. “

– Aryan Jain


I wrote my phrases ,

I was catastrophic to tame my dove ,

Why did you come up ?

Why did you pay me love ?

I was clauded in a spehere ,

I was drenched into feeling of my Ruth ,

How did you spray me magic by your touch ?

But then , now , make me bruise ?

I held my grudges against the wall ,

For what I built ,

What I had them crawled ,

I dinged my talons ,

And now I sing a song,

How did you fed this magic me along ?

It was long then back a drop ,

I am locked in a stay of your much ,

What’d I do ,

Why don’t I sleep a little without thinking a much ?

Why doesn’t it not interested ,

The way it did then as hutch.

I am terrified

and the fear got me ambush ,

I remember the days so tiny

When we laundered a miny little ash – crunch.

Have days so passed ,

Have they room my sire ,

Through these days I live I only desire,

If you were my flame ,

And I were the fire ,

We burnt the wrath for what we required.

Why do I cry now ,

Or maybe look for signs surround my head ,

Why do I sigh now ,

But for a broken and as chanted regret ?

Do you leaf me now ,

in the perils of smoke and rests ?

Do you stuffle now

The crowns of our memories ,

sweet, undistressed ?

Why did you press me all ?

Left your magic right behind ,

Why did you have me all ,

And left me no just rather signs ?

Why do I cry the sheets ,

They trail me down a memory remiscile ,

You left your magic ,

But you left me none to ride ?

Why should I scathe me ,

For every moment passing by ?

Why do I grab me

For running moments medicide ,

Didn’t you have me promised,

You wouldn’t left me, else, otherwise.

Why do I sound no more ,

If you don’t sleep against me ,

Or unless the otherside.

Now ,

Must I recount ,

Or do I rebound to whatever had been my go ,

I search in for people now ,

Who the enemies ,

Who the dear little show…

Maybe we talked wondrousities,

But none the rather mose ,

How you’ve left me ,

Wasn’t it my rico ?

There you dashed your bag our the front door ,

You asked me you in the day would bestow ,

I crasped a warm on you cheeky little ,

And waved you a go ,

I swear to the moments ,

I am a criminal to your escrow.

Now I write you an eulogy ,

My perfect a kind abide to have you put through ,

But you sit in my dreams ,

And I couldn’t see me day move.

– Aryan Jain.