In the bubbly nature ,

You were a dinkle ,

In the muggle sphere you were a different a picture ,

You contrast the arrays with a different sprinkle,

Distinct as your instincts are

In the face of the mother nature ,

Solitary or rudimantry ,

You are like a piece of a limery ,

From the depths of the past , present and the future ,

Singing in rains ,

Like the souls in the heavens see a transfuture ,

Why in the world do you dream to

Live a limitless future ?

While the rhetorical plays a question,

‘Why do you live this wondrous a life ?’ ,

While a trivia hastes a proportion ,

That your smile takes the kite to a notion you feel bright ,

While you doom a future,

That I perhaps can never resurrect in life ,

My little dear heart was always left to wonder ,

Are you immortal or are you a mortal living skylight … ?

Then just as winds cut the narrow silence of a skythe ,

Just as rowing a boat makes the dynamic

Aviation or a boom a Sonic

Of a travelling following a alleyline ,

Just as a meteor breaks the very norms of the very cosmolight ,

You , the soul in me ,

Lit me a thousands of positives incline ,

Today as I rise ,

I know you were always in me ,

All the time ,

You were just ‘the’ me ,

The me running a step forward in line ,

Now as you walk alone ,

I am like a thousand problem witherhold ,

Crossing the threshold of the dear old hell way line

Aryan Jain
Daily Prompt word -Noise

~I quite actually not mean a word to what I just presented here . It’s just one of my N and D’s systemic foreplay that I have thoughts recurring to what I don’t doom about 😂. So I wrote one piece of what seemed beautiful. I hope my Madame and you all enjoy to what I wrote here 🙂 ~



So nature white ,

We were the snow kites in the wrinkled blanket case ,

Mirror light her white sparkles ,

She was a door to my heart light cavernous space ,

Snowflakes in the merryland ,

She was the charm of my calmness and beauty in solace ,

While time is a gradual tender

For it renders the calmity into

Millions of feelings as this dear heart of mine portrays ,

Maybe whiteness is ,but, now an abandoned blankspace ,

A blank which is as deep and hollow

As a rectified deep cave.

Maybe my charm has fallen

In the depths of this deep hollow maze.

Her eyes were neon

Her heart was plumming gold ,

In the redundant of the scorches

The sunlight looned off our happy dear goals

The heat hath’ rather beeped our hearts with

Heavy hearted boom ,

Leaving me to surrender ,

To thinking as of

The very beauty of a slimy little cacoon ,

Now is the reminiscent of the happy and plumule.

Times have wear ,

Times have tear ,

why is my heart is shreded ?

Why is it drenched in fear ?

Am I lost , or has something shunken the very depths of my despair ?

Like the rain drops of heavy casted sky upclear …

Just as blood veeps into my arteliries ,

Just as wrinkles age my Cascade ,

Just as stronger as my heart grows ,

Maybe time doesn’t justify it’s ‘go’ ,

Is it a friend , is a it a foe ?

While time is immortal ,

Time is a cloud of thousands of seas and lives ,

Time is perhaps an evil

The one which made my instincts stupefied ,

Maybe it doesn’t have room at all to make one clarified ,

Or maybe just as I hear ,

It sing the songs of ‘remisicle’,

For I know that they are solitary ,

Since I lost her ,

In the Dawn of my one autumn so retired.

Aryan Jain

Daily Prompt word -Wonder


Maybe things are quite never the way you see them to be ,

Maybe things are wild and you see them beauty

Maybe leaps of the obsention you had

Forelay the bitter truth of you being hurt

Due a thousands of little things

And maybe ,

Just even a gleam of light ,

A parallel Ray ever in your wondrous time ,

Had an exciting ream to forelay .

Perhaps I live in the Dawn of some unjustified proclaims

Ain’t it my dear life ?

Cuz when I wanted to lark the love of my life

I was seeming a beautiful tomorrow .

I am just a little kid who thought to have conquered the lively treasure of his life

Which he would never want to loose .

Perhaps , this little soul , failed to realise that even if love is a two hemispherical coaxial

Love is ‘albus’ then it has to have the second heart that beats with the one always there to the last .

So godly created , maybe I am just a stupid who peats the ranks of loosing everything and being unhappy that I fall into this moment , this tragic.

So now as I am past , quite the time I have been so sour , maybe I should just open to you my dear writing portal ;

Maybe I was never materialistic and maybe she understands me ,

But if love was ever a crossing that we both bowed ,

Dear UNVGE ,

Why didn’t you just ever be alive to say all of the incarnated and the truth of how you feel in the most projective and lovable way you held in your heart .

You loved her and you always will 😭.

So as UNVGE , just as highly as devastated you are , maybe you inched a little forlonged ‘truth’ a step to ‘false’, cuz’ even if you ever in your life had come to believe that “Death is inevitable ” ,maybe , yours simply wasn’t , or it may not justify with these truths .

Jerk head , forever long and a fearful , bastic and swallowed soul , maybe your life was never actually a trance , therefore even if you type shit here , people may forlong your stupidity as your stay hold nature .

Maybe you were a Grail broken , as you slip in the Chambers of either ‘hell’ or ‘heaven’

– Aryan


In the inches of the pound

There was a silence that sighed the little guy

The passage of the inkage

Was not just one the matter of time

Reaping as the little droplets bowed,

They were still in control of his kite,

Perhaps what was prohpesizing,

A tiny little thought as it came to his dime,

Was if the simple lantern mind ,

Moments and moments when went by ,

Had something to do,

With his heart as it paced,

The limits it never chimed

Just even in the most beautiful of the times.

So in the wildest of the Happy

This shadow made this little boy think of a time ,

Is he narrow or is the Broadway too short to bring him in line

Then perhaps ,

He leaves to a tomorrow with a way certain hopeless conscience ,

For what he knew ,

Things worked for him the Manner ,

He never liked to taste in time ,

Sleeping as he lies he had a thought ,

A thought surrendering all the battles of his life .

In a motion less captivation ,

Of a energy that posted deep from the heavens as they reside ,

His mindless charma still juiced him mares of a kind ,

While sometimes just as things are above the instinct

Of all the dead and drowning tracts of life

This dear dream might have encrusted

Something bellowingly ultra futura,

For which he still was uncertain at that time .

Sometimes human , sometimes brave ,

The human brain but has a thousands of fitting conceptions to pass on by

Sometimes disturbing , sometimes graceful ,

He considered are the following results

Of every possible thing that confides

Simple as Daisy ,

That vows in it’s tiny sphere of life

This little boy had daised to realise

The one happy element he always missed in his time ,

Somehow , quite unnatural

Happiness had started to turn

In the leaps of his life ,

He was cherrished to discover ,

A newer beautiful truth of a life ,

While all of this was what he wanted to phenomenally occur to his life ,

This is perhaps what his thoughts want to share ,

When he feels to ink the paper

Sitting in his chair .

– Aryan Jain.

Daily prompt word -Above

~ A little background of this posts picture . Dylan sir is my Madame’s and mine ( as sir have grown to be mine ) favourite actor , and me kiddo have been quite catching up on his show ” TEEN WOLF 😄😄😊💜” . I love the show and in this case , when Stiles felt this same once , I feel what better way to express it better so that my Madame loves to read it and become happy more 😄😊💜.


~ A little background to this write of mine 😄: Holi is one of the India’s most diversely followed and culturally Prudential festival of colors and happiness to a thousand souls in our country , so I thought of adding a pinch color of muse , happiness and togetherness altogether in my poetry . I wish all my fellow friends here in the blogosphere a light to a wondrous Holi ahead , Happy Holi to everyone 😃😄. I hope you like this poem and bring joy altogether in the festival 😄.~

Happy Holi to one and dear all ,

I am still single

But I love to live in fun and thrawl

Colors are full in this festival

Sometimes evening ,

Sometimes dusk till Dawn ,

Fifty shaded regia

I still can’t eat prawns

No sooner has to come a question ‘why’


I am a ‘Jain’ after all

Problematic and pinch a sweet as I am

I’d like to wish all those who view this all

A festival to thousands of tiny hearts

Emblazoned with a heart of gold 😊

– Aryan Jain


Maybe the scapes are colours to the shaded side ,

Maybe the looms of little

Become a heart wrenching slide ,

Maybe the world falls to a day

I’d never wish to feel any time ,

Or ‘May’ just be a word to aggregate the dear ready sight.

Now as the world awakens

We are dead ,

Maybe we really are ,

Shunken in the horrendous,

We are bound to hostile,

While obstructions as they be hurdles ,

Find a way to make one pass or collide ,

‘maybe’ it’s a glourious feat

To make a homicide surprise ,

Or maybe just a sprinkle of positivity,

Is what my dear brain wished to dream once in it’s life .

‘May’ the wonder of nature be just a coincidence

Or a big void to fall in the abyss of a phant and conspierence ,

may it just be a connection ,

A lovely but a tirpidating boundation

one i’d love to see a future with,

Beheld I’m my hands

Breaths till they last ,

Beyond the thought of a fairy land.

For what I see ,

The eccentric path is far lonely ,

Far too streched ,

To make it gospel and devout as a magical land ,

One may just have to do somethings

To make a happy and drizzly wand .

“With the soliloquy ,

His heart embarks a viciously eerie of a time ,

Tied to a ladder ,

Deep in the water ,

He was a soul who shamelessly cried in fright,

Just as when the sensations of nature

Breath him a signal to his life ,

A wave of his limb

Waved him back to the Mary land ,

He loved to live his life ,

He thought in his tiny brain ,

Maybe the adversities , maybe the wild ,

Was just the mother seeking an abundant opportunities

To a river shining life “

Perhaps his little night mare

Was a step ,

A step of premoniancy ,

That the mother nature lead him

To fall into his other corridor of life,

‘Maybe’ life is just a path

To track once in a million opportunities ,

Whole in once lifetime

– Aryan Jain

Daily Promopt word – Premonition


Today is an array of the wild ,

A trans to the abominable kind ,

Or maybe,

Just as a shooting star ,

Something is born to grow from the light,

Just as perhaps ,

One knows of his type.

Furious and delirious ,

With all his thoughts confined ,

The path as he walks through

Shortens his comforts ,

But increases his reasons to smile

For he is a loner who finds everything different of a kind ,

One unique from a perspective ,

Who everyone saw to Que in line,

Something as people think was bad

Rising from a viscously Harold mind .

With the Constance of his affirmity ,

With the leaps of his beautiful mind that he had pride ,

He walked as he always did ,

On something as a spaceship to a new life ,

Breakthroughs and revolutions as he made enough ,

He had all of the beautiful and sundale fine ,

One day sitting as this ‘wicked’ thought ,

That maybe he is a leaf ,

Who was born of the wild ,

Refusing it’s parents integral

To break off the nodal lines

Had to which he went through ,

His clan was a different overline ,

Constant roots of which lead him to the Galaxy of the supernova

Quite the finest , quite the beautiful of time

Aryan Jain

Daily Prompt word – Constant