Priceless are her sentiments,

As none other I see in my life,

Humor has all she caspered

She is just as a door to a new life.

Lovely as she always was ,

she is my charm in the moonlight,

Shocking as she always be

She welcomes everything so divine.

Feeding the empty corners of my heart

She is a window to a beautiful sight,

Just as sparkles lit out the empty dark sky.

She doves me in a pillow of emotions as she always runs the line,

Bright as a sun ,

she rays me with happiness and smirkly smiles,

Hopeful in her charma ,

She is a bubble of a tomorrow

A future in light

Being with her as I follow

I see so sundale bright

Soulful as she always is ,

she sets the darkest soaring light,

She is a reaper who blooms the feathery White

Lovely as she always is,

She is a fearless bird who flies high as kite,

As when I think of

The more she has in time

For me she is my sun

Who I love to reflect Everytime

She is my angel ,

who I never wish to loose in my life 😊

It’s so break to know
That she is unreal to row me in my life

Perhaps this is why she never strokes

A bad , a shock to my fair time

She is a queen who fairs out her emotions just beautiful and fine

Even past the ravages of time

She will thrive me a chuckle

Sooner as she meets me in time

She is Daisy

Who will find her budding partner

To pupil bright

Where this all ends

With the abstraction of the past time

~ Hey everyone , this is my first post from 2018 , so a very very happy new year to all. I wish you have a happy time after all and do what you find your self best in so well . I am glad to be back to writing and I look forward to be more active on my blog posts . I’d also like to thank everyone of those who find their time to read my blog posts , Thank you all 😊. I am glad to be back 😄.~
Daily prompt word:Shock



8 thoughts on “Angel

    1. Not good than my Madame’s , and never will be . I am so happy that my Madame LOVED this 😄❤️. But I am sad that I sit here idle and can’t do anything at all while my Madame is so busy. UNVGE has always been this looser who always does this 😭


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