Godly is a mind , So profound

Just so beautiful to a mankind

It remarks the bundle of new

To perpetuate a level forwarding to the line,

With so a beauty , with elegant beam of sight ,

Has all these the charts

To hit the inkle of beauty and sad life ?

Or is it just a happening in the normality of life?

Wounded as hound

When things corner to shift off the time

Demands that see a way to go or to make shimmer stop sign

All when winds up in beauty or disguise

All when makes a little soul to wonder so deep in mind

Does an inkle solutes the force

Of something futuristic that shines ?

Sadness and happiness

Hold their hands with the heart of thousand little souls

Who look forward for a like

That inkles all the little thoughts of beauty and smiles,

Leaping in touch with their actions do they follow to their life,

Perhaps they loom this all

But forget to paradise

That so a little soul

May your little actions be an inkle

To your shiny glitter life

It finds my way

And makes me happy to live and cry ☺️.

Daily prompt word-Inkling


6 thoughts on “Inkle

    1. Hey Noor . I am so fine , thank you so much 😄😊♥️. I am so delighted and grateful to have been a nomination to the award proposed by you Noor . I am so happy to receive one and I’ll write about it as soon as possible . Thank you so much Noor 😄♥️

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