When we first met

In the times where breezes were dry

Cool air that passed through, simped through the daunting alley lines

Repudiating amast as it all aligned

Breathes were heavy and them mountains heard the cries

There was a fizzle of darkness in all of those times .

Ambivalent his thoughts were ,

His blood running hard to work his life ,

Twitter as the sound Clark ,

He was still sitting low and down a aisle ,

But his senses as they buzzed around ,

He was struck to see what lay at his sight ,

Shocked as he never had been

He was afraid when

A soft palm touched him back to his life .

Never so salivated he was,

When the softness of the hand turned her vocals to ask ,

“What he had to do in this servile ?”.


Trooping in the garlands with a partner ,

He felt a Dawn of light breaking in his heart that lies ,

One that saw darkness through out its life ,

Even as it lay still in the place as it had to reside ,

Mixed in the tiny new emotions as they bride

His tiny heart clunched the vandal punds of his beautiful life ,

One of those

Making him wonder ,

Had he seen the woods so beautiful ,

alone of his time .


As a tiny little soul

An angel lit his life

Effect of the dear was sensual

It toned his clarky mind,

Vindictive tones of Casper we’re leaving his heart out aligned ,

Perhaps this little soul were yet to know the treacheries of life.

Dynamic and profound as a little silhouette made his life,

A tiny little soul had woken back to life ,

Now as he moved , when his tiny little brain reconciles ,

‘when we first met’ is just a story ,

A story that changed his life ,

Just as a fairy tail that ends in the bed time.

– Aryan Jain

Daily promopt word – Conjure


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