So nature white ,

We were the snow kites in the wrinkled blanket case ,

Mirror light her white sparkles ,

She was a door to my heart light cavernous space ,

Snowflakes in the merryland ,

She was the charm of my calmness and beauty in solace ,

While time is a gradual tender

For it renders the calmity into

Millions of feelings as this dear heart of mine portrays ,

Maybe whiteness is ,but, now an abandoned blankspace ,

A blank which is as deep and hollow

As a rectified deep cave.

Maybe my charm has fallen

In the depths of this deep hollow maze.

Her eyes were neon

Her heart was plumming gold ,

In the redundant of the scorches

The sunlight looned off our happy dear goals

The heat hath’ rather beeped our hearts with

Heavy hearted boom ,

Leaving me to surrender ,

To thinking as of

The very beauty of a slimy little cacoon ,

Now is the reminiscent of the happy and plumule.

Times have wear ,

Times have tear ,

why is my heart is shreded ?

Why is it drenched in fear ?

Am I lost , or has something shunken the very depths of my despair ?

Like the rain drops of heavy casted sky upclear …

Just as blood veeps into my arteliries ,

Just as wrinkles age my Cascade ,

Just as stronger as my heart grows ,

Maybe time doesn’t justify it’s ‘go’ ,

Is it a friend , is a it a foe ?

While time is immortal ,

Time is a cloud of thousands of seas and lives ,

Time is perhaps an evil

The one which made my instincts stupefied ,

Maybe it doesn’t have room at all to make one clarified ,

Or maybe just as I hear ,

It sing the songs of ‘remisicle’,

For I know that they are solitary ,

Since I lost her ,

In the Dawn of my one autumn so retired.

Aryan Jain

Daily Prompt word -Wonder


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